Made from Silver, with a weight of about 4 pounds (~2 kg) Basano Vase, and created around the 15th Century: the vase looked like nothing special.


If you saw it somewhere in an antique store, you’d hardly give it a second glance. And still, for such an inconspicuous object, the Basano Vase supposedly carries a horrible curse… The vase itself is a paradox. Even though numerous websites list it as one of the most haunted objects in history, people know almost nothing about the vase itself or its whereabouts.

However, there IS something that is known… The first mention of the vase goes back to the 15th century. Legend has it that this piece of art was crafted in a small Italian town to the north of Napoli. It was supposed to be a wedding gift for a beautiful young bride delivered to her anonymously the night before the wedding. The woman believed it was a sign of good luck, but the vase turned out to be quite the opposite. The bride never appeared at her own wedding – she was found lying on the floor in her room, dead, the vase clutched tightly in her cold hands. Her untimely demise was never explained. And that’s how an inexplicable chain of tragic events got started. Not long after the incident with the bride, another family member got hold of the Basano Vase. Unfortunately, that person didn’t have much time to enjoy the exquisite silver jar because they passed away shortly afterwards. The vase was given to yet another relative, but the shocking outcome didn’t change – loss struck this unfortunate family once again. So it’s no wonder they came to believe that the reason for all these tragic occurrences was the one thing they all had in common: the vase – it had to be cursed! To prevent any more misfortune, whether to themselves or any other poor soul in the future, the family decided to hide the Basano Vase away. And that’s where the story gets even more puzzling because apparently, nobody knows for sure how, when, and where the vase was hidden. According to some records, an enigmatic priest was the one to lock the artifact away. Other people believe that the family simply buried the vase and tried to forget about this nightmare. I guess we’ll never know how exactly it went down since nothing was heard about the vase for several centuries. That is, until one fateful day in 1988, when the cursed object reared its ugly head again, bringing along its familiar friends: mystery and tragedy. There’s no specific location or even name, but it’s said that a young man dug the vase up in his back yard. The details of this discovery vary from story to story, but they say that when he picked up the silver jar, there was a grim note warning: “Beware! This vase brings death.” Little did the man know that these were not just empty threats. He ignored them completely and decided to sell the treasure at an auction. I guess he needed money more than he feared old cryptic prophecies. Anyway, the vase sold quickly at a price of 4 million Italian lire, which equaled approximately $3,000 at the time. Its new owner was a pharmacist who, at the moment of purchase, believed that he was a very lucky man to get such a fine piece of art for a relatively modest sum. But the mysterious curse had already found its next victim. Only three months later, the pharmacist fell to some mysterious ailment. His relatives sold the vase to another unsuspecting art lover, this time a young doctor whose fate was just the same! The next owner of the Basano Vase was an archeologist, who bought it enthusiastically in hopes of adding it to his vast collection of precious artifacts. Only, a mysterious illness a mere three months later would have him joining the morbid ranks of the young 15th-century bride, her unfortunate relatives, the pharmacist, and the doctor. And the horrific story just goes on. The vase continued to change hands, leaving a seemingly endless trail of death in its wake. It’s unclear how many more lives the vase claimed, but one sale seemed to put an end to it all! At first, things went as usual: the new owner succumbed to some quick and mysterious illness after coming into possession of the vase. But this time, their family didn’t sell it. Its horrifying reputation had finally come to light, and no one wanted to risk their life to obtain something that dangerous. Seems like a repetition of the story with the bride, but here’s where it takes an unexpected turn: the last victim’s relative was so eager to get rid of the vase and break the curse that they just chucked the thing out the window! So, it shattered on the ground and the curse was broken forever, right? Oh, you should know better by now! (Plus, it was made of silver, mind you!) Sure, the family didn’t have any more losses, but the vase almost hit a police officer on the head as it flew from the window! The man picked it up and entered the house to return it to the family and issue a fine for littering. The family happily paid the fine but refused to take their “litter” back. So, the police did what anyone else would: they offered it to a museum. But the vase’s reputation was already well known, so no museum would take it. Imagine, this is a 15th-century artifact full of history (and, yeah, mysterious tragedy) that could pull in all kinds of curious tourists and really add to any museum’s vast collection of ancient trinkets and exhibits…yet no institution wanted anything to do with it! In any case, after museums refused to take the vase, it’s said that the police got rid of it. But again, opinions differ and the details are unclear. Some people are sure that one police officer buried the cursed jar, having locked it in a lead box, in some remote location. Others state that the vase was hidden in a cemetery. And that seems to be the end of this evil vase. But besides tragedy, the Basano Vase also left tons of unanswered questions in its wake, which kinda makes the whole legend a little questionable. First of all, it’s nearly impossible to identify all the people involved or verify the exact locations. To add to that, there’s only one photo of the cursed object, despite all the different people and tales connected to it. Even now, many sources mention the Basano Vase among the most famous cursed objects – if it’s so famous and had managed to scare so many people and even museums, why are the details so fuzzy? Any sources you find have the same vague descriptions of the bride, the anonymous 1988 man, pharmacist, doctor, archeologist, police officer – all unnamed. The design of the vase itself doesn’t really match with its origin story either. It has a rather plain design, which wasn’t the style back in the 15th century. Vases of that time were mostly porcelain, colorful, and adorned with all kinds of intricate details. Besides, the style and shape of the silver jar seriously differ from those that were widespread during the Renaissance. Unlike any other vase of the period, the artifact doesn’t have a flat bottom. It looks more like a bottle vase with a wide opening, pottery qualities that were neither Italian nor 15th-century. And finally, how exactly did this curse work? It obviously wasn’t anyone who simply touched the vase (remember the man who found and sold it in 1988, the police officer who tried to return it to the family that threw it out the window). It seemed to be just those who called it their own. Did the curse know when a person officially “owned” it? There is one theory that the curse was “activated” whenever the top was opened, but, again, that’s unverifiable. Plus, the one and only photo of the vase doesn’t show a top that opens and closes, albeit the picture is blurry and it’s hard to tell for sure. It’s obvious that there is much more to the Basano Vase than the stories tell us. Its inexplicable origin and untimely demise of those who owned the object look like something of either sheer coincidence or pure legend. But researchers do take the whole ordeal seriously enough to investigate and try to find more information about the perplexing artifact. But until then, it seems the Basano Vase still remains an unsolved mystery that leaves us with more questions than answers! Or perhaps, The Basano Vase was simply a crock of… “something else”. Do you believe that the Basano Vase was cursed? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned something new today, then give this video a like and share it with a friend. But – hey! – don’t go anywhere just yet! We have over 2,000 cool videos for you to check out. All you have to do is pick the left or right video, click on it, and enjoy! Stay on the Bright Side of life!